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Monday July 6, 2009

It's old-fashioned to view these women as victimsIsn't it just a little demeaning to women for the navy to send home the sailors who were running a competition and taking bets on the bedding of their female compatriots on the ironically named HMAS Success ("Navy's secret shame",, July 5)? It seems to me that these women are seen as victims, unable to make their own choices as to whom they have sex with, and when. Surely this is an extremely old-fashioned view of the inequality of the genders.I just hope the women were running a similar competition. Maybe they just wouldn't see the need to brag about it!Robyn Park BalgowlahCall of the city still strongNot all families with young children are heading west to larger backyards. ("Parents to count cost of better child care", July 4-5). Many are choosing to stay close to the city and enjoy the benefits of inner-urban living. Shame our Government doesn't have the foresight to retain sites such as the former Enmore Public School in public ownership. Regardless of whether they are run by public or private operators, these sites have the potential to provide desperately needed early childhood services in these areas. Sell it and there will be even less space for children. Carmel Tebbutt and Verity Firth, are you listening?Alan Croker EnmoreWaste not want notWe are fast approaching the limits to our obscenely wasteful way of life, yet the shops are still abuzz with custom ("The devil is in retail: why the world needs more cheapskates", July 4-5). The frightening inability to distinguish between needs and wants will cement this generation as the most stupid in the history of mankind.Jonathan Hill Old Erowal BayRecession means businessSome questions for Paul Murphy (Letters, July 4-5) Was it those devilish unions and their minions in our national Parliament who plunged the world into a recession, or was it the highly paid fellows who understood the complex dynamics of modern enterprise systems, and their representative heading the Opposition in Canberra? And who is being laid off because of the recession? Is it the unions who are restricting credit to small business? Is it the unions who crush the local greengrocer when one of the big two opens up next door?Seems to me the greatest enemy of small business is big business.Don Brown NarrabeenQueensland dinosaursSurely the three dinosaurs discovered in Queensland ("Banjo, one of thenew dinos on the block", July 4-5) should have been called Joh, Bjelke and Petersen?Peter Walton LewishamBring back common senseIt seems that our grandparents understood economics better than many of us. Their four rules were: you never get something for nothing; money doesn't grow on trees; never believe everything you hear; save for a rainy day. Economics may have nothing to do with common sense, but these simple rules do.Philip Cooney Wentworth FallsDistracted by cheap thrillsI share Kari Lancaster's concern (Letters, July 4-5) that the company managing detention centres may be looking for a cheap way out of its responsibilities.This is not to say that I have major concerns about the capacity of Youth With A Mission trainees to provide reasonable services. In about 40 years of my path crossing that of Youth With a Mission, I have been constantly impressed by their trainees. As many already have secular training and qualifications before commencing a YWAM course, I presume the organisation streams trainees according to their backgrounds and interests.The emphasis of the original article is at fault, and Martin Kemp's (Letters, July 3) bewilderment is understandable. By going for cheap excitement, the Herald has distracted readers from asking the important questions about this case.Reverend Peter Green Marrickville

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